March 2019
Moving from a small town to Dallas, we found the home buying process in DFW a little different than what we had expected. However we were very fortunate to have Ajay as our realtor who helped us guide through every step of the process. His experience and professionalism made the entire process easy  for us. The reports he provided on past purchase prices, neighborhood info and property details were extremely helpful in making an informed decision. After the contract was signed the process of shopping for loan rates, buying home insurance, getting inspection done, getting blinds installed, finding movers etc. was all a breeze because of the contacts Ajay shared with us. For someone new to the area we were still able to compare multiple options and got good deals on all of these closing items. The Realtor credit at the end was simply an icing on the cake. Overall greatly satisfied with his service and would highly recommend Ajay to anyone looking to buy a home.
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